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The Inn Rotterdam MarathonThe 41st edition of NN Marathon Rotterdam saw the first dream duo, Abdi Nagy and Bashir Abdi. The Dutch and Belgian, silver and bronze medalists in previous games, are excited. “It’s time to improve my Dutch record,” says Nagy.

Athletes looking out the window on Friday will see the high waves on the River Maas under the Erasmus Bridge, but Remco Barbier, the new director of the NN Rotterdam Marathon, just said the weather looks favorable on Sunday. It is not in vain that the organization dares to express its hope for a new world record. It has been very sharp since October of last year, with Bashir Abdi setting 2.03.36, which is also the European record.

The Belgian is back. But now with Abdi Nagy, who chose the New York Marathon shortly after the last hundred meters in Sapporo. “It’s good to walk together,” says Nagyi. But it would be stupid if we were just busy with each other. The marathon is unpredictable. A lot of Ethiopians and Kenyans here want to run 2.03.”

Abdi Nagy helps his good friend Bashir Abdi with a bronze medal. © AFP

The field of participants this year is very strong. With last year’s podium No. 2 and previous winner Marius Kipserim (personal best No. 2.04.04) and No. 3 Dawit Wolde (2.04.27), completed by Getaneh Tamire (2.03.30) and Reuben Kipyego (2.03.55). Then there’s Dutchman Bjorn Kormann, newcomer Richard Dumas and Ronald Schroer.

Women are looking forward to the Nienke Brinkman marathon discovery (2.26.34). While last year’s Kenyan winner Stella Barsusio (2.22.04) was back at the start. Target time is less than 2.20. The Ethiopian port of Hailu (2.20.19) is also being considered.

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This one is from a few years ago. Meanwhile, you can’t go home this way in Kenya and Ethiopia

Abdi Nagy for his Dutch record

Nageeye is the Dutch record holder with 2.06.17, but is less proud of that time. “It’s from a few years ago. Meanwhile, you can no longer go home this way in Kenya and Ethiopia. So there are a few seconds, or minutes, to stay. Because of the coronavirus and a number of options for races without rabbits, it’s been a while since I participated. Running a marathon at the highest pace. It will take some time for you to get used to it, but I am also looking forward to it.”

Meanwhile, Bashir Abdi tempers expectations. After winning in Rotterdam last year, I didn’t feel comfortable enough. It caused me a lot of stress, with all kinds of fun commitments. As a result, I started with a delay in training. I was seriously injured twice. With a tear in the calf and then in the left muscle. Being here is good news. I am healthy again. But that took some time. But I will forget that once I see the fans and the atmosphere in this home match. I and my servant will try to make it a great race.”

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