Abel Sekowo: “Thank you Alton!”


ALTEN – Athlete Abel Sekou’s lightning visit to Aalten lasted barely 24 hours, but it brought him more than just winning the Dokuna 10K in the GTM-Loop.

On the afternoon of Saturday, May 20, Abel arrived at his beautiful temporary home, B & B de Meiberg 1 owned by Evert-Jan Westervelt and his wife Yvonne, around 2 p.m., and was greeted warmly. The Ugandan NN Running champion chose to take a nap in preparation for the race. Well before the start, Abel left to midfield to warm up properly for the famous 10K Docuna race, where he started as the best ever. Sikowo took off like a comet immediately after departure and immediately showed the rest of the participants in the powerful field. The first runner flew through the streets in a beautiful style, with great enthusiasm from the great crowd. With a strong final sprint, the Ugandan crossed the finish line in an impressive final time of 29.01 minutes. The winner did not look tired and immediately, but with a wide smile, added an lap of honor and presented countless children. At the award ceremony, the sympathetic Abel again received a standing ovation and enjoyed it to the fullest. He certainly did after half an hour, when the winner had a drink with teammate Bjorn Cormann and two other top runners on the crowded terrace.
After a good night’s sleep, Abel and Corman set off early Sunday morning for a mellow endurance ride in the direction of Bredford, snaking around Slingyplas via the Grote Gracht. The pace had already increased dramatically and passers-by were startled to pass the running duo. After the shower, the guests received an excellent sports breakfast and Abel enjoyed all the good stuff and talked to the rest of the group at the table with a smile. He was clearly enjoying himself.
Then followed the highlight of the short visit to Aalten, a visit to a Dutch dairy farm. A visit to Eric Lutin’s modern “farm” was a dream come true for the speed athlete. He was amazed, and went about stroking the calves, feeding the cows, and asking one question after another. Sikowo was completely in his element with modern farming and Luiten took all the time to let Abel enjoy the visit. A warm handshake and sincere thanks were a valuable reward for the hospitable farmer.

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Abel Sikow said goodbye barely 24 hours after his arrival, but indicated that he would like to come back next year, because he really enjoyed his stay in Aalten!

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