Abortions up to 22 weeks to be allowed again in the US state of South Carolina | abroad

The US state of South Carolina Supreme Court immediately rejected the abortion ban that has been in effect since February 2021. Abortion after six weeks of pregnancy is prohibited. Now abortion is allowed again until the fetus is 22 weeks old.

The abortion organization that brought the case speaks of a “huge victory”. In the conservative south of the country, there are fewer and fewer options for such intervention.

The US Supreme Court struck down the right to abortion nationwide in June last year. South Carolina is the first state in which the local Supreme Court has overturned an abortion ban.

On Thursday, it ruled a woman’s right to decide to terminate a pregnancy on the basis of her constitutional right to privacy. The Roe v. Wade ruling, which dates back to 1973 and until last year guaranteed the right to abortion across the United States, was also based on the right to privacy.

The ruling allows women from neighboring Alabama and Tennessee, where abortions are still prohibited, to travel to South Carolina to have an abortion.

The continuation of the pending legal action cannot be ruled out. The Supreme Court says restricting the right to privacy could change the right to abortion again.

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