About 14,000 immigrant children on the southern border of the United States …

About 4,500 children are being cared for by the border security agency CBP.

The minority of 14,000 unsupported immigrants and refugees are currently under surveillance by U.S. authorities after entering the United States via the southern border. Top government officials announced this at a press conference on Thursday.

9,562 children were sent to the Ministry of Homeland Security and about 4,500 children to the CBP, a border security agency. “Our ultimate goal is to reunite helpless children as soon as possible with a family member or a sponsor in the United States,” an official said. About 90 percent of minors can be removed from the authorities in this way.

Strong increase in immigration

The number of people entering the United States illegally from Mexico has risen sharply recently. According to the Border Protection Organization, nearly 9,500 miners crossed the border in February alone, almost doubling since December. Families and single adults are being reimbursed by the US government, but not unsupported children.

President Joe Biden’s government recently set fire to underage immigrants. According to media reports, some are obtained in poor condition.

Former US President Donald Trump’s closing of the southern border is one of his priorities. But the Biden government has changed that policy somewhat. New Homeland Security Minister Alejandro Myorgas said on Tuesday that the government expects a large increase in the number of refugees and migrants.

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