Abroad, Trump says it is a great shame for the United States to leave Afghanistan

Trump called Biden’s decision “the greatest foreign policy insult in American history.” “Biden’s defeat in Afghanistan showed the incompetence of a national leader,” he told supporters at a rally in Gulman, Alabama.


The Trump administration reached an agreement with the Taliban on the withdrawal of US troops during talks in Doha, Qatar last year. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Trump’s plan. “This is not a withdrawal, it is a complete surrender,” the former president said. The Republican Party said the Taliban respected him and would not have seized Afghanistan if he had been president. “We could have left with respect. We should have done it. Instead, we’re going to go against respect,” Trump said.

Earlier this week, the former president said he hoped his successor would resign as the Taliban quickly seized control of Afghanistan. In a statement, Trump said it was “time to go down in disgrace for allowing Joe Biden to walk.”

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