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What an exciting motor home among our readers! Anyone who once went on vacation with Camper will not like anything else. It is difficult for many to say what the most beautiful path is. If John and Christa really wanted to choose, it would be Corsica. “First I went to Livorno in Italy and got there by boat. We went clockwise around the island. Beautiful trail with amazing scenery. “Customer review is automatically translated from Dutch.

Will von Lear made an excellent trip from Chicago to Los Angeles via the United States. “Lots of boring roads from Denver. Fortunately, through beautiful national parks and cities and beaches, ”he writes. “But I drove the most beautiful route from Sydney to Adelaide, Australia. Beaches, Nature and Kangaroos. “Customer review is automatically translated from Dutch.

Lyrics about Norway by many readers. For example, Hans Mass emails: “The Trollstigan! You come in different seasons with beautiful scenes. ”

Nico and Lina Wennick have a tip for beginners: “Plan your trip in advance, but do not book camps so you always have somewhere to stay or leave before long.”

White sandy beaches

In 2018 we made a camper trip from Sydney, via Australia, to the Cape Tribal Village. The highlight is the Wichita Islands, with its white sandy beaches discovered by British navigator James Cook.

Nico in Linda Wennick


I drove the Silk Road with an organized camper trip: via Russia and Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan, then to all Stan countries: 23,000 km. Iran was very interesting. The Iranians are fun and hospitable!

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Rhea Captijn


Depressed, 50 years ago, we think of a trip from Massachusetts to South Florida in the United States, where we went to a crocodile farm. In the southern states, an Indian reservation made an appearance, and the Grand Canyon suffocated.

Rick and Helen Roymans


In Alaska we drove for five weeks with a rental camper. In villages and towns we had a lot of contact with very hospitable people. Outside, in the wilderness, we saw a lot of wildlife. Awesome!

Jacob and Linek Reitzma

Is different

We enjoyed an amazing adventure with our camper. We took boats to Helsinki from the coastal resort of Lபெbeck-Travemவெnde in the Baltic Sea.

We went through many natural reserves in the north of Finland. Returns to the Netherlands via Sweden and Denmark. Essential if you want peace, nature and culture.

Martin Firand

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