According to the new F1 employer the Formula 1 calendar is not set in concrete

Like last year, Formula 1 has alternatives to its sleeve, and when the Australian Grand Prix in 2021 is called the ‘Five to Twelve’, the season should be back in 2020. Last week, at the request of Australian authorities, it was decided to move the race from Melbourne to November.

COVID19 is still in charge worldwide. It also directly affects the new F1 calendar, where China’s GPS Despite losing, there are still 23 races. It is not yet known where this will run for the third race. But nothing really set in for the rest of the season.

Stefano Dominicali has his hands full. The new CEO of Formula 1 is in constant contact with all the organizers involved. “We need to be flexible. I’m in daily contact with the organizers because we are well aware that COVID19 is still around,” Dominicali said in the conversation. Sky Sports.

“It’s clear to us now that everyone wants to go ahead with the plan. But we should be open to races with fewer or fewer spectators in the first half of the season. But I can assure fans that we’re really there. I want to make sure this season continues.”

Last year, when it became clear that some races could not be held, the game had to look diligently at alternatives. That’s why there are alternatives before Formula 1, if one or more Grand Prix failures due to the circumstances surrounding COVID19. “But for now we have only shared the information that came to us. We have no reason to spread lies,” Dominicali said.

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“Because we don’t know how the infection will develop, we have to be prepared to be flexible.”

For now, the Bahrain GPS 2021 is at the top of the Formula 1 calendar. Australian G.P. Postponed to November 21st and the Dutch G.P. More are scheduled for the weekends of September 3, 4 and 5.

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