According to the WHO the monkey does not become contagious, although relatively little is known Now

The World Health Organization WHO did not expect the global monkey box virus outbreak to become an epidemic. Nevertheless, the organization admits that not much is known about the virus yet. The news agency quoted a WHO expert as saying AP Monday.

“Now we’re not worried about an epidemic,” said Rosamond Lewis, chief expert on the WHO’s monkey box virus. “We are concerned that individuals may be harmed because they are not properly informed.”

Lewis says it is not yet clear how it spreads. According to him, it is important to emphasize that most of the confirmed infections occur between homosexual and bisexual men.

The WHO warns anyone at risk, regardless of sexual orientation. The virus may initially have been caught by homosexuals, but experts have already warned that it could later spread to other species.

According to the health organization, there is currently no monkey box virus in 23 countries, and now more than 250 cases have been reported.

The virus, first detected in the Netherlands ten days ago, is spread through close physical contact. For example, it can be spread through clothing or sheets.

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