Acquisition of Frank Optiek Markelo –

Thijs Kamphuis will take over Frank Optiek from February 1. “It’s very doubling because we’re of course very happy that Thijs is taking over our store. Thijs is also operating in a way that we started more than four years ago. It’s also good that I will still be involved in the case for the time being because I will continue to work here three days a week, which means that Our familiar face to the store is preserved. But the reason we chose to acquire is not just one, ”says Frank Mejulinbroek so clearly. Frank’s wife, Miriam Mullenbroek is seriously ill, and Frank notes that this was the reason he brought the acquisition case. “I want to take care of my girl when needed and don’t have to choose between the store and my wife. Thijs gives me that space so that she can be found in the store for as long as possible,” says Frank. On October 1, 2016, Frank opened the doors of his optics store in Marcello.

Tiggs and Frank are not strangers to each other. Thijs previously ran a successful business from Frank. In addition to working for Markelo, Thijs also has an optics store in Deventer; Interference optics. Tiggs is married, has two children, and lives in Wiji. “So I know the village is feeling well. I’m looking forward to working with Frank and of course Gerhard Baalman.” Gerhard is at the Optiek Markelo every Thursday and has his own space where he can help people with hearing and sound problems. “A great profession because the world literally opens up to people when the correct hearing aids are fitted. No person is the same and therefore no ear. It’s about personalization and that’s what makes our profession special,” Gerhard says enthusiastically.

Outside, nothing has changed after the takeover of Optiek Frank, according to the enthusiastic conversation with the three. “Right. The store remains the same and the reliable service remains the same. We are entering into a nice collaboration with each other and look forward to starting at Markelo,” says Thijs.

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