Actor Martin Heijmans hasn’t watched TV in fifteen years

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Martin Heijmans does not need to care about current events. He says the 37-year-old actor hasn’t watched TV in fifteen years and barely reads newspapers de Volkskrant.

says Heijmans, who received an International Emmy Award in 2015 for his role in the Dutch television series. Ramses.

“One night after hours of useless running again, I pulled the plug and never turned it back on. So I have no idea what programs to see these days.”

Heijmans don’t really need a newspaper either: “I give up once a year to an offer de Volkskrant. Four weeks for 2 euros. Cancel it immediately, because I’m not reading it anyway. paper waste. And I like it like that. “

“Who can I talk to here?”

Although he was somewhat ready to work in the United States after winning the prestigious Emmy, this international breakthrough has yet to begin.

“After I won an Emmy, I tried it and spent at least 80 years self tapeIt has been tested for Netflix series and movies, but nothing has come of it yet. I should have flown to L.A. with Amy in hand, laying that picture on the table at the big acting agencies and saying, “Well, who can I talk to here?”

Heijmans will be in the movie soon My dad is a plane to see. The film opens at the Netherlands Film Festival on September 24.

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