“actually i do”

Numb limbs, dump pub crawls and military exploits. The British royal family’s dirty laundry doesn’t just move around the crown Hanging from the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Prince Harry also recently answered the question that’s been on everyone’s lips for years. sound the crown?

Memorizes It has since become the fastest selling non-fiction book of all time. At least 1.4 million copies of Prince Harry’s book went over the counter on the first day alone. Record.

But not every juicy detail is covered in the book. What does he think of Netflix-a series the crown for example?

Prince Harry visits Stephen Colbert

In order to sell the princely memoirs as widely as possible, Prince Harry visited only one American talk show. Just very popular The Late Show with Stephen Colbert The British royal family got down to earth. But he was a little less welcoming than he had expected. In the United States, Tom Hanks is the King of Hollywood.

Despite the highly publicized move, Prince Harry clearly still had a British sense of humour, clearly enjoying American underwater stings. happy. Otherwise, the veil would not have been lifted on this subject the crown.

Prince Harry talks about the crown

After a nearly 40-minute interview in which Prince Harry spoke candidly about life behind the scenes of Buckingham Palace, Stephen Colbert finally asked the question that’s been on everyone’s lips for years: Is he looking at… the crown?

Prince Harry had to shyly admit that he the crownthe Netflix series About his royal family, front to back. “Do you also check the series while you’re watching?” Colbert asks. At first, Harry seemed hesitant for a moment and pretended to check the facts, but in the end he said with a laugh: “Actually I do.” Unfortunately, he did not specify sensational stories reality check survived or not.

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Prince Harry Check Crown Facts: ‘I Actually Do Yes’

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