Ad de Regt is a new local councilor for finance and space in Woerden

Woerden- Ad de Regt can start as a new board member for Worden. The new city council member, nominated by Lijst van der Does, was appointed by the city council on the evening of Thursday February 18th. This happened at a digital city council meeting. De Regt succeeds Arthur Boulderdick, who left at the beginning of January.

Appointment by the board

Last month, LijstvanderDoes introduced Ad de Regt as a new candidate local councilor. Appointment is the prerogative of the city council. The latter has now said “yes” by a large majority. Of the 30 votes cast, 28 were in favor, 1 opposed and 1 invalid. The council makes a decision on the local councilors’ portfolios, but it is already known that De Regt will take over a large portion of the portfolio from Bolderdijk, including finances and public spaces.

Ad de Regt

De Rigt (Babikup, 63) expressed his happiness with his appointment and the broad support in the council: “It is a great honor to be able to govern in a municipality as beautiful, dynamic and ambitious as Woerden. Woerden is – to talk – next to me. My heart. I look forward to constructive and open cooperation with the council, college and officials. I look forward to many pleasant contacts with residents and businessmen, whether in the city or in the villages! “

An experienced driver

Dr.. Ad de Regt is an experienced official, especially in local public administration. He was previously a local councilor for Oudewater and IJsselstein and held many other management positions for social organizations. Ad de Regt was the coordinator of the current Woerden Alliance in 2018. He knows Worden and the administrative political situation very well.

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As an entrepreneur, he has undertaken various duties for many years as a management and communications advisor, operations manager, broker, trainer, and chairman of the board. He is currently (part-time) general president of a trade association and co-director of the Folk Theater of IJsselstein.

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