Additional space for Bernard Levegoid School

Bernhard Lievegoed School (BLS), currently in Leuvenlaan 35, has been struggling to gain space for some time due to the increasing number of students. Therefore, the school uses temporary units (emergency rooms) to house the students. In the context of the Integrated Primary Education Housing Plan that was adopted, the municipality, together with the MIK & PIW Group (Childcare) and the Palas Foundation (BLS School Board), sought to search for a structural solution. Found in MIK & PIW group rooms at Randwycksingel 25, which is where the MIK Service Center is located.

MIK & PIW abandoned these spaces in favor of the aforementioned education and housing plan. The municipality bought it and handed it over to the Palace Foundation. Alderman Bert Jongen “It is good that we can see the growth of Bernard Lievegoed School through this collaboration and acquisition.”
MIK will remain in the building with its Villa Luna day nursery. This means that the parties work together and set up an affiliate center for children.
Meanwhile, preparations began to convert the Randwijcksingel Building internally into classrooms. Once the renovation is complete, the temporary units in the school yard in Leuvenlane will be removed so that the entire school yard can be used again.

Photo: Aaron Niggs

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