Advice for pregnant women: Do not eat too much soy

Soy counseling is especially important for women who are vegetarians, follow traditional South Asian diets, or are lactose intolerant and use many soy-based milk substitutes. They are more likely to exceed the newly established limit.

No more than that limit 1 mg of isoflavones per kilogram of body weight. To get an idea: a person who weighs 64 kg can safely eat 310 g of tofu or 230 g of soybeans or 610 ml of soy yogurt.

In addition to soy products, there are several nutritional tips for pregnant women Unchanged. For example, alcohol and liver consumption are not recommended, and the council advises not to drink more than two cups of coffee a day. Fish is recommended twice a week and some herbal tea is left alone.

Often very low in folic acid

Important things to remember are still taking folic acid and vitamin D. “This is not new, but many pregnant women do not do this or, for example, start taking folic acid too late,” says the Health Council. It advises women to take 400 micrograms of folic acid a day for four weeks before conception and continue until the tenth week of pregnancy.

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