Aegon focuses on customer satisfaction feedback with real-time NPS solutions

Aegon’s goal is to provide its clients with lifelong financial security by offering products and services tailored to meet the needs of their broad client base. With the changing regulatory, economic and digital landscape, consumers face the increasing complexity of securing their financial future. “As Aegon made its products simpler and explained more clearly, we had to change our approach to understand and meet the specific needs of consumers,” said Iain O’Connor, Director of Customer Experience and Insight at Aegon. But simply analyzing NPS scores to measure customer satisfaction is not enough. “We need real-time feedback that translates customer insights into actionable actions to guide our decisions. This way we can develop products and services and help us improve day-to-day actions, such as the usability of the website.”

  • Convert low NPS from -87 to +14 after callback
  • Solve 60% of problems
  • Innovative CX Lab to better analyze customer data

Working with InMoment enables Aegon to leverage a centralized CX platform to capture, measure, and integrate relevant customer data across other business systems for a 360-degree view of the customer.

Gaining customer sentiment and acceptance was the first step for Aegon

InMoment’s Expert Services has reviewed numerous e-mail surveys and online surveys to improve Aegon’s ability to obtain feedback from a wide range of clients and independent financial advisors. The text analysis component within the platform helps to understand sentiments and helps in maximizing the performance of key categories. This provides more insight into customer ratings and expectations. Feedback and response are measured and used to create multi-role dashboards and reports. As a ‘big data’ customer experience platform, additional internal business data was imported to enable Aegon to perform in-depth analysis using flexible queries.

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Instant access to customer reviews

To improve their understanding of their clients, Aegon has developed a so-called CX Lab in the UK. This lab serves as a central hub for customer and employee experience improvement activities. In addition to NPS feedback, each employee also has instant access to the feedback and opinions of more than 3,000 customers, 3,000 consumers, 1,000 employees, and 650 financial advisors.

A story about turning data into action

Aegon has developed a new concept, “Aegon Cares”, to respond to issues caused by negative customer experiences within the NPS program. More than 60 percent of dissatisfied customers are contacted through Aegon Cares. Using the InMoment platform, Aegon now has a case management system to automate workflows, track progress and results, prioritize callback activities, and recheck clients once the callback is complete.

The impact on NPS is tracked, retained, and shared across the company to build and maintain a focus on customer service. Since its launch, Aegon Cares has also been the foundation of social media and has been a huge hit with clients who prefer online communication.

The numbers speak for themselves

For the first few months, Aegon Cares contacted a group of clients who had a combined low NPS score of -87. However, after a callback from the Aegon Cares team, the same customers were questioned again to ensure their concerns were heard and properly resolved. “After doing these reconnections, we saw the same customers turn around and the group now had an NPS +14,” says O’Connor. “This is all thanks to the great work of the customer service team, who in turn receive great support from the InMoment platform.” As Aegon grows, customer insight is more important than ever. Enhanced feedback and dashboards generated by InMoment improve CX’s visibility of internal teams. “With new customer insights, we can invest more strategically in maximizing the customer experience. We are becoming more selective: we do not invest unless we fully consider customer requirements, because everything we do begins with their needs.” “By anticipating, listening, and responding to customer needs, we have truly become a customer-centric organization,” concludes Iain O’Connor.

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