Afghans desperately climb on the fuselage The plane takes off

This footage shows people holding onto a US Air Force C17:

Other images show that people – in the air – may be falling from a plane. Eyewitnesses say there have been deaths, but the authorities have not yet confirmed this.

crowd of people

Chaos and panic have erupted since the Taliban regained power in Afghanistan. A crowd at the airport hopes to get a seat on a plane to flee Afghanistan.

Social media had previously shown pictures of a crowd walking on the runway, an American transport plane breaking into a station building, and a trunk connecting a station building to a passenger plane.

The Dutch Ministry of Defense has planned several military flights to Afghanistan to evacuate interpreters, local embassy staff and families from the country.

According to the outgoing defense minister, Ank Bielefeld, a plane is on its way, but the question is whether it can land in Kabul, now that the situation is so chaotic.

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