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World champion in motocross without a home doctor: It’s hard work. For the first time since 1952, the first year of the World Motocross Championship, the Netherlands has no grand prix. The “Lommelse Sahara” race, which is twenty kilometers across the border, should make the Dutch riders feel at home.

Sint-Anthonis, Lierop, Mill, Valkenswaard, Oss… The Netherlands have hosted 211 world motocross races and yet they are missing this season. the reason? The globalization of sport and the lack of the right combination of organization and function in the Netherlands. Because even though the MXGP promoter Infront Moto Racing does their best to travel to faraway places where no one in the track is excited, the people in the Netherlands themselves fail too.


But…one time great and the other a drama

Glenn Coldenhoff

Oss’ GP was initially on the calendar and still has an ongoing contract, but is under fire locally after the 2021 edition came out. A return to Valkenswaard is still in the future due to development plans. The KNMV’s initiative to win the Grand Prix on its own is currently the most obvious choice, but it is also uncertain.

Brabant is promising, but he didn’t quite succeed in Lommel

This will not be the Netherlands’ share of the World Cup: many teams are run from the Netherlands and have many of the best players in the world. In MXGP, Factory Yamaha rider Glenn Coldenhoff (Best) appears to be the best hope for a good result. “I am definitely looking forward to Lommel,” Coldenhof said a week before the Grand Prix. , but…sometimes it’s cool and other times it’s drama. I never know what to expect there.” If the streak continues, this time it will again be Coldenhoff, who was born in Heesch: last season he didn’t have a good start and in the second moto he hit the ground with Jeffrey Herlings.

Brian Bogers (Eindhoven) and Calvin Flander (Vesterhoven) also compete in the MXGP. The latter has the best credentials. Flanders won the only other real sand race of the season in Sardinia: with a 1-1 run he snatched his first major MXGP win. The South African has surely buzzed about this GP on his calendar! Sand rider, Bogers, will also be an added inspiration after becoming a dad for the first time a few weeks ago.

Roan van Moosdijk, MXGP. Van de Moosdijk (2020) and Kay de Wolf (2021) are the two motocross riders who have taken the podium at Lommel in recent seasons and are riding again this weekend. © Stanley Lero

In the MX2 class, two race winners Brabant will start with Kay de Wolf (Eersel) and Roan van de Moosdijk (Eindhoven), both riding a Nestaan ​​Husqvarna. De Wolf was exceptional at Lommel in 2021 and missed the sand race in Sardinia earlier this season. Then, he said with a big smile, it should happen in Lommel. “It was going to be hot and at the beginning of the week we had to ride the bike indoors,” the 17-year-old motocross racer pointed out to the heat wave. Van de Mosdyk returns after missing 10 matches due to injuries. It was a very serious injury but everything is recovering well now. “I’ll start without expectations,” he said realistically.

Hurling ready for 2022?

Meanwhile, silence remained about the 2021 world champion. Herlings injured himself before the season and a few months later got under the knife for the second time. KTM sources told the newspaper that the checks had not yet given Herlings the green light. One has to hope for a miracle if Herlings wants to start with the Netherlands in Motocross of Nations, at the end of September at RedBud.

Glenn Coldenhoff in action.
Glenn Coldenhoff in action. ©YamahaRacingComOfficial

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