After four races, Alonso scored two points: “It was very painful.”

This is not the start of the season that Fernando Alonso expected. The Spanish driver of the alpine is dependent on misfortune, which is an obstacle for him to get good points, while the alpine seems to be able to continue well in terms of speed. A two-time world champion he calls the start of the season ‘painful’.

Luck has not yet handed over to the experienced Spanish player this season. Alonso and his alpine run into misfortune. He could not even get a point in Australia due to retirement, while he himself noted that he has the speed to fight for the pole position. The weather was not good in Imola either. Ovio Man Haas initially contacted driver Mick Schumacher, who damaged his alpine side and his race ended after a few laps.


This is another bitter pill for Alonso and his team and the wrong time, the wrong place. This confirms that Alonso did not get more than two small championship points against teammate Stephen O’Connor’s twenty points. “I want the season to end better than how I started it. But on the other hand, it’s painful when you watch races on TV, and you can end up with 25 or two points. 30,” he said. On.

Small kiss

Despite the ugly start, Alonso knows better than anyone else in his experience that there are still plenty of opportunities to come. “I know I only had one point after last year’s Imola. In the end we ended up well and competitive. We’ll see if we can do it again this year. Everyone will agree that we were very happy. In this race everyone touches each other. Indestructible. Our car gets Mick’s little kiss, it’s completely destroyed. We have to face a lot of consequences without our own mistakes. It’s very painful, “he laments.

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