After Nigeria, Australia are also very strong for Team USA in the 2nd exhibition match – Duckblatt Suriname

In Las Vegas, training camps and exhibition games are underway for the American men’s basketball team preparing for the Tokyo Olympics later this month.

Team USA lost to Australia 91-83 in Las Vegas. After a brief loss to Nigeria last Saturday, Team USA came up with another five matches against Australia.

Australia took a 15-point lead from Joe Ings and Patty Mills, but Damien Lillard turned the game around with 11 points in the first quarter. Team USA went into the half with a nine-point lead.

Both teams came on the field with some intensity after half time, which they fought closely in the third quarter.

Damien Lillard scored 22 points for the United States, but Patty Mills scored 10 of his 22 points to give Australia a 91-83 victory in the fourth quarter.

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