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with videoTwo-year-old Louie Brown will no longer be able to walk after both her legs have been amputated. Now, the American kid runs as fast as his peers. Thanks to the prosthetics. His parents share heartwarming photos of his first ride.

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Louis was born without bones in his legs and with “fused” thumbs and forefingers. He was only eleven months old when his parents Amy and Justin Brown, from Columbus, Ohio, faced an impossible choice. Amputation of his legs or major and painful surgeries every few years with no guarantee that he would be able to walk properly thereafter.

After speaking to other parents of amputee children, they chose the former. “It was a terrible decision to make,” Amy said New York Post. “To this day, we have moments where we say we just can’t believe we had to make that decision.”

Two-year-old Louie Brown can walk again after a double amputation thanks to prosthetics.

Two-year-old Louie Brown can walk again after a double amputation thanks to prosthetics. © Still Video

Lowe received prosthetics for the first time last month through a charity. On the Louie4love’s Instagram page Parents share videos showing Louie learning to walk again. Parents let us know through the profile that they are grateful. “He was so excited when he saw the legs for the first time,” Amy told the paper.

equal pace

According to the mother, walking on prostheses is getting better and better for her son. He now runs as fast as other kids his age. “The video is amazing, I have tears of joy. It keeps up with its peers.”

When she sees Louie running around with his prosthetic legs, Amy realizes they made the right decision. “We are sad that he had to go through everything, but we can see that he is doing a good job and it was worth it.”

The couple had just adopted three children to fulfill their children’s wish, when it was revealed that Amy was pregnant with Ploy. After my “most perfect 20 weeks,” the ultrasound revealed the hard message that something was wrong. Examination showed that Lowe’s legs were very small, intertwined and tucked under his body.

quality of life

Even the doctors feared that he would not survive the pregnancy. If he was born alive, the quality of life would be uncertain. Emmy: It was one of the worst moments of my life. We tried to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Now he is 2.5 years old and working.

Louie is a healthy growing boy. Therefore, he will have to get new prostheses every two to three years. But the outlook is hopeful. He will be able to do sports, run and swim with his friends. “He’s so energetic and always busy. He’s so flexible, he’s crazy.”

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