After the end of the Checkers, a new root cabinet is far away

Nearly half of the House of Representatives (73 seats) supported the no-confidence motion against Rutte. The entire chamber, with the exception of his own VVD, did not accept his performance in intelligence because he did not speak the truth about his first conversation with the former scouts. This is actually the CDA MP. The report showed that it was about Peter Omtsikt, which at first Rute firmly denied.

“Rutte lied,” Kristenyuni leader Gert-John Seckers told the Netherlands in an interview. What this means is that the little Christian party “happened too much” to enter the cabinet of which Root is a member. Checkers’ review focuses specifically on the Rutte person, but VVT “It’s about Rutte as the leading film carrier of political culture over the last ten years.”

First room

The CDA and D66 are the only parties that have so far not been explicitly or implicitly excluded from doing business with Rutte (by supporting the no-confidence motion).

Together with the VVD, these parties will have 73 seats in the House of Representatives. In the Senate, the majority is still far away: VVT, D66 and CDA hold only 28 of the 75 seats.

Rutte is even more popular

It is also questionable whether D66 President Sikrit Cock and CDA President Vopke Hogstra will step down in the cabinet if Rude stays in Toronto. The spy chaos affects the CDA personally, and Gock promised to break with the old political culture in the election campaign. During the marathon debate on Thursday night, the D66 leader said he would have “made his own decisions” if such an audit movement had taken place.

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This does not mean, however, that Rutte will leave. He is still popular within the VVD, with the release on Saturday in AD. The key people who came to rescue him in have been confirmed. Moreover, three weeks ago the VVD became the largest party, which came almost entirely around Rutte: nearly 2 million voters voted specifically for the party leader.

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