After the House Speakership battle, a stalemate over the budget threatens

The concessions that Republican Kevin McCarthy would have had to make to become Speaker of the House could strain the US budget this year. He promised his conservative opponents in the group in return for their vote that any increase in the budget will be accompanied by cuts. Likewise, financial and military aid to Ukraine could be jeopardized if the most important members of the House of Representatives apply the emergency brakes.

Over the past week, McCarthy Fifteen rounds of voting He needs to finally be elected to succeed the Democrats in the wee hours of Saturday Loudspeaker Nancy Pelosi. After a series of humiliating rejections by first twenty, then seven and finally just six party members – explained by his supporters as a “free exchange of ideas”, by Democrats as a “ridiculous power struggle” – McCarthy (57) could play. The role of the engine of the Republican agenda.

It remains to be seen just who will replace him over the next two years. The more conservative members of the House of Representatives, in exchange for their votes from McCarthy, received perks that give them disproportionate power in the 222-member Republican faction. “I couldn’t think of anything else I’d want to ask,” said Matt Gaetz, one of the Republican delegates who voted against the longest.

Debt repayment

The United States government spends more money than it takes in every year. Therefore, Congress must periodically agree to increase the debt ceiling to ensure that the federal government is solvent, pays its debts and pays civil servants. Analysts in the US media expect this to be the next time the administration has to ask Congress for more fiscal room to maneuver in the summer or immediately after.

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Critics of McCarthy reportedly want to balance the government’s balance sheet, which is now running a $31 trillion deficit, within a decade. “totally unrealistic”, Maya McGuinness said on Sunday New York timesChairman of the Responsible National Budget Committee. It estimates that this demand will require about “11 trillion dollars in spending cuts”.

Another concession is that any proposal for cuts must be put to a vote immediately. Added to this was the obligation that one representative could demand a new vote on the office of president at any time, which greatly reduced McCarthy’s standing.

Trump takes credit

After he was formally inaugurated, McCarthy said, “I want to give a special thanks to President Trump. I don’t think anyone should question his influence.” Footage from the chaotic final day of voting showed a McCarthy confidant walking towards a high-profile delegate, phone in hand. The screen showed that “DT” was at stake.

Trump himself takes credit for his social networking platform, Truth Social. He contributed “significantly” to McCarthy’s victory, books The only Republican so far to run for president in 2024. “You’ve done our country an amazing service.” McCarthy’s support, as the House of Representatives’ top Republican politician on Capitol Hill, could give Trump a significant edge in the primaries.

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