Age difference is no problem in the relationship Laura Pontecorvo: “What we have is unique”

Laura is also an additional mother of three from the previous relationship of her partner, Ryan Rieger. “We’re a big compound family. The eldest is 24, and our daughter is a year and a half,” says Laura. “We don’t call them half-brothers or half-sisters, but brothers and sisters. (…) When I was eighteen, I never imagined that I would find a partner who already had children who would put me in the family, but this formation went perfectly well. Good spot. We’re pretty much on the same page.”

Laura and Ren get to know each other when they are “not looking at all” for a relationship. “I thought: true love just isn’t there for me, that was fine with me. Until I met Ryan,” Laura looks back at the magazine. Ryan adds, “It just happened that our paths crossed and when we felt it was right, we went for it. Three weeks after I met Laura, we went skiing together. Two years later we bought a house.”

Although the lovebirds are eleven years apart, according to Laura, age has never played a role in their relationship. Although Ryan fears her reaction when he says he is much older than her – Laura is 29 when they meet, he is 40. “I was a little afraid because the difference was so big,” he admits. Finally told her on the phone and immediately hung up. “I thought: If she really loved me, she would call
behind. and I did “.

This fear turns out to be unnecessary, as Laura falls in love with him and his children instantly. Of course there are healthy discussions now and then, but they never argue because they know exactly what the other person is thinking and feeling, and they communicate about everything. “Only through Laura did I learn what true love is.”

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