Aged from your mother –

Researchers have not predicted it themselves, but growing old cane is a trait you inherit from your mother. If you have a mother who is 95 years old, you will be much older too.

Scientists at Leiden University Medical Center have been following the 944-year-old Dutch people and their families for fifteen years. Long-lived families often consisted of ancient Matter families.

Niels von Denberg, a PhD student, and Elaine Slackboom, professor of molecular epidemiology at LUMC, were born in AD. … ”

They offer two possible explanations: “Building longevity lies in what is called mitochondrial DNA, which can only be transmitted by mothers. Another explanation is that mothers who lived longer in the late 19th century had healthier bodies because of their genes and therefore had larger and healthier children.

Lifestyle does not play a role in this. “Children who live longer do not follow a special diet and do not exercise more than their peers. They are especially lucky to come from special families: they are naturally healthy.”

Bron (Nen): AD

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