Agency: Festive Finnish PM did nothing despite dozens of complaints | Abroad

An independent agency that oversees the legality of government activities concluded that it had not neglected her duties as prime minister.

Dozens of complaints were submitted to the agency when pictures of how this happened came out Marin dances and sings with her famous friends. Critics found her party unsuitable for a government leader, but there were also many Finns supporting her. Supervisory Foundation Chairman Thomas Pueste said there was “no reason to suspect that the Prime Minister acted unlawfully in the performance of her duties or neglected her official duties.”

The prime minister defended herself at the time of the scandal, saying she had spent an “evening with friends” and recorded the recordings “in a private building”. ,,I’m a human. “I also sometimes long for joy, light and fun in these dark clouds,” Marin said.

According to Poysti, assessing whether her entertaining behavior is morally reprehensible is a matter for Parliament. He also noted that “political accountability is evaluated periodically in democratic elections.”

See the photos that have caused a stir in Finland and abroad in the video below:

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