Agrarian agreement required for farmers

Society is increasingly demanding in climate, nature and the environment, and tasks are landing on the farm. Many farmers and horticulturalists ask: “Where is the right place for me in the Netherlands?”

This approaches, for example with the return of the wolf. Should farmers and their livestock pay to give this animal a place in the Netherlands? How do attacks on livestock fit into the animal welfare discussion? The area of ‚Äč‚Äčagricultural land is also decreasing, while in reality social tasks require more space for the agricultural sector.

However, the Dutch have been thinking positively about the agricultural sector for years in a row. They value the good quality and affordability of Dutch products, according to recent research by Wageningen University & Research.

But the growing amount of regulations is putting Dutch produce and costs and put farmers and horticulturalists under great pressure. While public attention is often focused on nitrogen, last year LTO has focused extensively on the Seventh Nitrate Induction Work Program with our members.

For the farm garden, insight into income and earning capacity is needed, today and up to 2035

Jacques van der Tak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of LTO, Netherlands

Consultations with lists of crop and winter crops, published last week, have caused massive upheaval among arable farmers. So I invite members to respond negatively when it comes to orthodontic implants. The future of farms is at stake, and the huge pile of policy plans ignores the position of our entrepreneurs. We are on top of that.

The demand for a multi-year agricultural perspective is growing. Agricultural agreement with the scope of our nitrogen efforts, but also with climate and water challenges can be a solution. For the farm garden, insight into income and earning capacity is needed, today and into 2035. The first consultations with the new Minister of Agriculture were hopeful. Now the effect.

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