Ai Captain! The self-steering ship Mayflower is ready to cross the Atlantic

Self-steering ship Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) is ready to cross into the United States, without a captain. Or vice versa; Without a human captain, the high-tech ship has an artificial intelligence control system, AI Captain Called. Along the way, it will explore the state of the ocean, but will wait first for a good weather date before departure.

Four hundred years difference

In 1620, the so-called first English colonialists Pilgrim Fathers, From Plymouth, UK to Plymouth, USA. Four hundred years later, the future Mayflower Autonomous Ship is set to embark on the same underground voyage that will pay homage to its historic name. “The original Mayflower voyage was about exploring a whole new world. The project is largely identical. Prommer In a press release. In close collaboration with the IT company IBM And various scientific institutes designed the ‘Mayflower of the 21st Century’.

The differences between the two mayflowers are large (e) Promer / IBM (click to enlarge)

Diesel generator

With an average of 10 knots, the modern mayflower lasts about 12 days. Its historical precursor took about two months. At 15 meters long and 6.2 meters wide, the Trimaron is equipped with radar, six cameras, GPS antennas, thirty sensors, and an aluminum composite housing. The ship weighs about 5 tons. All electricity is powered by a solar-powered lithium-phosphate battery, but there is also a spare diesel generator in case of emergency. In previous designs, a wing that could serve on a boat was still found, but it was finally decided to get the full impulse from two 20 kW electric motors.

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Avoid conflicts

AI Captain, The artificial captain of the Mayflower autonomous ship, memorized more than a million sea images under a two-year training program. IBM Deep learning-The computer must ensure that the mayflower learns throughout its life. Even without a connection to the Internet (for example, for current weather reports), Mayflower can assess its environment, make smart decisions, and then act in the shortest possible time on the basis of these insights. MAS can also communicate with other vessels. Is conflict inevitable after all? The safety of the crew on other ships is always important. You can see exactly how it works in the video below.

(C) Sildron


Improvements to unmanned shipping have been going on for some time. So this is not the first time a self-steering ship has crossed the Atlantic Ocean. In 2019 SD1021 Already crossing an east and west. This is the first prototype to be seven meters long Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV) – also known as sildrons – launched in 2010 and then extensively tested on ships, Including during a voyage around Antarctica in 2019. The bright orange sea sailors are designed to collect weather and maritime data for weeks without a crew.

(C) Promotion / IBM

Follow MAS

Mayflower also informs about our marine, microplastics and populations of whales and other marine mammals. Sea level and wave energy can be measured very accurately by the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and the accelerometer. Combined with video images of high-resolution cameras capturing waves, it enhances insight into currents and provides valuable information for MAS navigation. Available worldwide via the website Watch live How all that data is collected. There you will find This tracker. Technicians around MAS believe the ship may depart occasionally next week, but it depends on the weather.

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