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Over the next two years, the Dutch and Belgian Limburg will jointly examine the progress of projects to make primary schools healthier and greener.

On the Dutch side of Limburg, this relates to the healthy elementary school of the future. It aims to promote a healthy diet, exercise and exercise program.

On the Belgian side of Limburg, these are school playground greening projects. So that children can play and develop in very different ways. Moreover, the green pitch would be less intimidating.

Results will be announced in the fall of 2022
For two years in four schools, researchers from Maastricht and Hasselt universities will measure what the effects of the different projects are and how the Dutch and Belgian Limburgs could live on each other if both types of projects were combined. The results of the combined search should be known in the fall of 2022.

Create balance
“In this way, we want to work together to build the future of our children at Level 2.0,” says Rep. Robert Housemans (PVV). “We strive to bring together practical resources on both sides of the border to create more balance in a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for our youth.”

According to Representative Bert Lambrechts of Belgium’s Limburg (Flemish nationalist N-VA), a green environment provides young people with peace, relaxation, and opportunities to play and learn. “This new cooperation with the Dutch Limburg and universities provides us with new opportunities to deepen and prove our vision.”

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