Alderman Ben Brands gives way to Zeeland’s new village home

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Zeeland – Kerkstraat in Zeeland will undergo a major transformation in the near future. Alderman Ben Brands gave the green light to demolish the building last week by rolling up its sleeves. The building that housed the Salt & Pepper Restaurant has been demolished. The counselor also helped remove some trees near the parish house. (Photo: LanderdFotografie, Mark Van Zuylen)

Brands are enjoying his contribution to demolishing the old building. “Demolition means that we will make way for the new village hall. Only when the old is lost can you build something new. But it is good that we can also keep some of the old items, especially the parish house, in the street scene.”

Green color
The fact that the trees are now being removed does not mean that it will be less green on Kerkstraat. “The municipality will consciously plant new types of original trees once construction is complete. This has been included in the zoning plan.”

The library has been temporarily moved
Very soon, the most prominent user of the old parish house, the Library, will be temporarily in the village house, De Garf. It is a process to transfer everything with precision. But the Zeeland Library staff is willing to do so. “We look forward to a beautiful, open space in the new village home!”

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