Alderman presents corneal ordered action trees

By: Bregje Cope


SINT-MARTENSDIJK – Alderman Corniel van Leeuwen today delivered trees ordered by residents. Residents can pick up trees at the municipal workshop in Sint-Maartensdijk.

Last September, residents of the municipality of Tholen could order a maximum of six trees per address for free via On 8, 9 and 10 December 2022, ordered trees can be picked up at the municipal workshop in Sint-Maartensdijk. In total, over three days, 4,500 trees will be distributed.

Wood distribution activity
The municipality of Tholen is carrying out a tree sharing campaign together with ZMf, Stitching Landschapsbeheer Zeeland and Velt Zeeuwse Eilanden. Like last year, Tolan Municipality made an additional contribution in an effort to give more residents the opportunity to make their living environment more beautiful, green, cool and healthy. Residents chose willow, linden, walnut, apple, cherry plum, hawthorn, hazel, coulter rose, yellow dogwood, holly and privet. A total of 16,000 trees will be distributed in Zeeland.

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