Alderman wants to close roads and bridges to make room for public transportation

Inside the circuit, the car must give way to public transport as much as possible. To achieve this, the city council wants to close roads in the city to vehicular traffic at important places. Het Parool reports this day.

hIt is about closing four busy locations in the east, six in the west and four places of interest around Vondelpark. There are also plans to close four bridges over the Amstel. You can then access other parts of the city by car via the A10.

Traffic board member Melanie van der Horst proposes road closures in the east at Muiderpoort station and on Kruislaan (direction A10), Linnaeusweg (near the Oetewaler bridge) and the northern part of the Molokkenstraat.

In addition, four bridges across the Amstel are being considered, those at Sarphatistraat, Nieuwe Amstelbrug, Berlagebrug and Torontobrug.

It was previously announced that the speed limit would be reduced from 50 to 30 kilometers per hour on a large part of the city’s roads. This will be the reason for the actions announced now. Since public transportation will soon have to wait for slower traffic, the public transportation network will come under pressure.

According to van der Horst, the space occupied by cars and parking spaces is “outdated”. According to her, the new approach can reduce vehicle mileage in the city. According to calculations, the current policy will increase by up to 40 percent. The space that is created must be useful for public transportation.

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