Alexander Hendricks’ Deadly Penalty Corner: “The World’s Best Tug” | Olympic

Alexander Hendrix The Red Lions star at the Olympics with 14 goals, including 12 from a penalty corner. “He plays brilliantly, it’s incredible. He’s lord and master,” concludes Emmanuel Stockbrooks.

“Drawing the penalty corner is very technical and very difficult. It often happens that some players have a talent at a young age. Alexander learned from a young age, for which he has trained a lot.”

“When you were young you were already convinced that he would always play one or two. Now he too has become very precise. He combines power with precision and does not know what to do with enemies.”

“It’s always been a snapshot. You have to prove it every time, but now Alexander is definitely the best drag in the world.”

On Thursday, Alexander Hendrix could reassert that position in the final against Australia, which beat Germany in the semi-finals. “Australians dare to attack. It’s in their DNA. They really want to fight,” Emmanuel Stockbrooks knew.

“I thought the final against Australia was good news. As an athlete you would love nothing more than winning gold in a fight. It’s a scene. We know in Australia too. A little world of hockey All teams know each other about what they can do.”

“Will it be gold? I’m 100 percent sure. I already knew when we were silver on stage in Rio. The fact that we didn’t win on Thursday doesn’t really happen to us.”

“If they need to, the Red Lions always show some kind of deep power and are ready to crush any enemy they face. If you are a team, you are invincible.”

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