Alfa Romeo in the hands of Andretti after a deal with Sauber

Andretti is a big name in motorsport. Andretti already has a team in Formula E, IndyCar and Extreme E. Now it appears Michael Andretti, son of former F1 driver Mario Andretti, has his sights set on F1’s takeover of Sauber Motorsport and Sauber Engineering.

This also means that Alfa Romeo will come into the hands of the American team. according to Race Andretti’s interest in an Alfa Romeo team led by Sauber is now likely to lead to an eventual investment.

Last month, Andretti issued a statement that they would like to go into F1, but they have nothing new to report. The deal is most welcome in F1 as the sport seeks to build interest in the United States. The American name in Formula 1 is sure to contribute to that.

Vasier can’t say anything

Andretti aims to acquire an eighty percent stake in Sauber Motorsport and Sauber Engineering. Fred Vasseur, Alfa Romeo Team Principal and Sauber CEO, said the following after Friday in Turkey: “I can’t say anything. I’m the CEO and team leader and this kind of discussion isn’t with me, it’s going to be with the shareholders. We have a lot of rumors, you have to ask the company’s shareholders.”

It is not clear what impact the investment from Andretti will have on the partnership between Sauber and Alfa Romeo. The question also arises as to whether the new investment will have an impact on the plans of the second engine. A 2022 teammate for Valtteri Bottas has yet to be announced.

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