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Eurovision Song Contest Special Edition: Although there may be an audience for Fieldlab auditions, there is a possibility that some artists will be missing out this year. To make up for it, the organization had to come up with something new this year: All the artists pre-record a video with the performance they’re already considering in the Rotterdam Ahoy.

“The videos are backup: if things go well, no one will ever see them. If no one can come to the Netherlands or have to quarantine, we always have something to go back to. The match can go on anyway. Something we are.” Competition president Tuan Van de Nieuwenhosen said in a conversation with

Eurovision: Europe shines light Still fresh in the memory of Van de Nieuwenhuijzen: On the special program the Eurovision feel was introduced, but it wasn’t a competition. “But it does have a lot of elements that we said: We can now include it too. If everything has to be changed because of the aura, why not use it? So the videos recorded right now are not all the same. Every country really turns it into its own party. Highlight It is also very nice to see. “

Videos are recorded under these conditions

  • Each country is allowed to record the song three times per hour and choose the best version at the end; In this version there is no cutting or doing anything to improve the audio
  • Via Teams, someone from the Netherlands is monitoring, a notary checks if everything is going according to the rules and the European Broadcasting Union monitors things
  • The video is not a clip, but a recording of a live performance
  • Virtual reality, clip art, drones, or water prohibited: only what is possible at Ahoy is also permitted in the videos.
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Fair match

The budgets of the 39 participating countries vary greatly: for example, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy spend so much money up front on broadcast rights that they are always placed in the final. Since everyone in Ahoy has the same options with regard to light, cameras, and effects, this is of course not the case in their country.

“Of course it is fair for everyone to come to Ahoy. But we want to give everyone the opportunity to be there, and in the current circumstances we can only think of a backup. In general, this video comes. Just add it, it’s not like there’s an additional budget available.” In countries to do it. Even though I saw one entry I thought: Oh, there is a stretcher. Hahaha, no, I’m not going to say which country it was. But believe me: This was a challenge for every country, ”Van de Neuenhausen said.

For the true fan, there’s good news: the videos will be available anyway on the Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel. In any case, not all work was in vain.

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