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LED strips are great for use in the bathroom as they can provide a beautiful and luxurious look. The bathroom is a wet room and therefore you need to take this into account when buying LED strips.

For example, you can look at the IP value of an LED strip. The higher the IP value of the LED strip, the better the moisture resistance of the LED strips. Additionally, you can attach LED strips with adhesive tape. This can come off faster in a damp room. As an eyeliner, you can choose one LED profile strip. This allows you to better secure the LED strips and the LED strips are beautifully finished for a more luxurious look in the bathroom. This way you don’t see the LED strip, but you do get the benefits of the effect when you turn on the lighting.

Ideas for connecting LED strips
In the bathroom there are many options when it comes to LED strips. For example, you can place LED strips behind a mirror or under a sink. This creates the illusion that the furniture is floating and gives a luxurious and spacious effect to the bathroom. You can also choose to install LED strips in the ceiling or between tiles in the bathroom or shower. You can place LED strips behind every piece of furniture in the bathroom, such as behind the toilet or bathtub. You can easily light up every dark corner of a room with the addition of LED strips. You can choose warm atmospheric lighting, cooler lighting or an LED strip with multiple colors. This way you can add the right atmosphere to the bathroom by yourself. Please note that you can’t just attach all the LED strips where you want them. You must take into account the specific areas of the bathroom. Also check if the LED strips are splash proof to ensure that you can use the LED strips safely in the bathroom.

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This way you ensure a beautiful finish
In the bathroom you have to deal with glossy tiles or high-gloss furniture. It can get annoying if the LED strip lights bounce off of this. This removes the desired effect. To solve this problem, you can choose to hide the LED strips nicely behind the LED strip profile. With this you can no longer see the LED strip lights and the LED strips also stay where they are. By properly masking the LED strips, you get a luxurious look in the bathroom. Also choose high-quality LED strips that give off enough light and last a long time. When you buy your LED strips from LEDstripXL You have a wide range of different types of LED strips. This way you can decide for yourself what you want. You can then switch on and off the LED strips in different ways.

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