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All in-wall-cabinet technology: heat pump, tap water containers, accessories and ventilation in a 11-inch-deep modular cabinet system. At ISH, Viessmann has shown Invisible: a space-saving concept that will soon launch in the Netherlands.

Viessmann Invisible is one of the largest signage at the ISH in Frankfurt. Thus, the German heat pump specialist responds to the growing demand for modular construction and space-saving plug-and-play concepts for new construction. Instead of a technical room where there are large installations, a cabinet wall that looks more like a kitchen (utility) than an installation room will suffice. It is suitable for all technologies.

Viessmann breaks with the predominantly German notion that fitting rooms are spacious,

Not a tech room but an installation wall

In an average house, the solution essentially results in many additional (expensive) residential square meters: almost two-thirds of the space is saved compared to the classic arrangement (indoor unit, tap water tank, ventilation box).

The cabinet wall is 28cm deep, each element is 60cm wide and 290cm high and is fixed to the wall with a rail system. The German manufacturer has managed to get all the tech in this limited size. This means that Viessmann is also keeping up with the trend towards slip-on construction and prefabrication: many installers are working to bring heat pump technology into prefabricated units. In almost all cases, the heat pump remains intact, which is exactly what does not happen here.

For the first time in the Netherlands

The first installations were completed in Germany. Viessmann Nederland is currently in a confidential meeting with a Dutch scoop builder. Viessmann targets homes with up to 200 square meters of usable space.

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