“All neighborhoods will become 30 kilometer areas’

The municipality wants to implement major changes in the field of mobility. This is evidenced by the mobility implementation program that the municipality is offering today. For example, riding a Schiedammer bike should become more tempting, as 30 kilometers per hour will become the norm and organized parking should solve the city parking problem.

According to Municipal Councilor Jeroen Ojevar, the mobility plan contains many measures to make the city safer and more sustainable. “Very concretely, for example, we will improve the missing links in bike networks. We will take concrete measures for road safety. In addition, we will ensure that all districts become thirty kilometer areas. Only on ring roads you are allowed to drive for fifty. This means that if you take the ring roads, you won’t be as burdensome to the rest of the city as possible and you’ll still get from A to B quickly.”

“We see it in a very crowded city like Schiedam. Where many neighborhoods are not built for many cars. There is a lot of pressure in this space. If you drive thirty kilometers an hour, you can keep the road layout narrower. And that leaves room for other things. We consider them important in the city, such as play, green spaces and pedestrian space.”

Paid parking

According to Ooijevaar, there is only one way to properly address the city’s parking scarcity. “This is an organized car park. The city council set up last year to do just that. Starting with Schiedam West. We make sure that people get the best that they can. Permits will become more affordable, we will ensure that vans can be parked in different places, parking for visitors will become a lot easier, and entrepreneurs will be well facilitated by “shop-and-go areas”. “

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According to Ooijevaar, the income that comes into the municipality through paid parking is spent only on the city’s commuting plan. We’re in the process of expanding organized parking, which will generate income, but we don’t want it to become a cash cow for public resources. Resources that come from organized parking lots directly benefit Schiedammer’s mobility.”

On July 6, the Board will decide on the financial preparation of the Mobility Plan. The municipality is already working on introducing organized parking.

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