All of these are hidden behind the Queen’s name

Royal Names: This is always more than one and there will always be an object behind it. So is the name of Queen Elizabeth. What is her full name and what do they mean?

Three names

When Queen Elizabeth was born on April 21, 1926, she was called Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. Her first name ‘Elizabeth’ came from her mother and she was also called Elizabeth. As the eldest daughter, she became queen after her father died. Her mother was also known as Queen Elizabeth, but to avoid confusion she called herself ‘Queen Mother’.

She owes her second name to the great-grandmother of Princess Alexandra of Denmark. The name Mary came from her grandmother, her father’s mother, Mary Van Deck. But Mary may also be references to Queen Mary I or Queen Mary II.

Original name

What if you thought three names were enough for a queen? Think again. Official title of Queen Elizabeth: Elizabeth II, by the grace of God, Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and other regions and territories, President of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith. A full mouth!

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Other topics

In addition, Elizabeth holds another title in other countries. She is known in Canada as the ‘Mother of All Men’, in Fiji as the ‘Paramount Chief’ and among the Maoris in New Zealand as ‘The White Heron’. Here are some names for how the Queen is called around the world. Incidentally, the names above are not very significant because HM is also known as the Duke of Lancaster and the Duke of Normandy. No, we did not make a typo there. Instead of the Duchess, she is called Queen Duke, which has everything to do with the late Queen Victoria. Victoria at that time began to use the title of Duke of Lancaster because he felt that the title of Duchess referred to the wife of a nobleman, as opposed to the holder of a royal duct. Cow!

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