Allah is the greatest! Half of the French teachers monitored their own comments about Islam after the murder of Samuel Bate-de-Delle Standard

After French teacher Samuel Patty is beheaded by an Islamist, teachers in France are in shock. A survey shows that half of French teachers practice self-censorship when it comes to religion. The Belgian VRT has reported this.

After the death of Samuel Patty, more and more French seemed to feel a certain pressure to heed their words. It makes sense, because no one wants to be the next one to be beheaded due to a difficult cartoon of Muhammad. A recent survey showed that at least 50% of French teachers support this view.

French principle secularismThe split between church and state is partly due to this, under tremendous pressure. Tolerance for people who have different views of the world and the ability to believe what you especially want, without forcing others to do so, is no longer taken for granted by everyone in France.

From the VRT report turns up Even the teachers find that they do not explain the concept correctly anymore. Understood by students as a prohibition of faith. Where the French say, “You only wear symbols of faith outside your school,” French Muslims experience this as an explicit curtailment of their religious beliefs.

It places things sharply within the French school system. The teacher actually avoids teaching about gender equality in business. Another was already told that his Muslim students would not perform that school day due to Ramadan. The potential for classroom conflict is already there when it comes to Israel and the Palestinian territories.

It appears that the Muslim minority in France is increasingly able (and willing) to impose its will, while the French majority has not yet been able to provide an adequate answer. As French President Macron is busy addressing the more extreme elements, it appears that tension will increase in the years to come. Anyway, we are the Freedom of Expression team!

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