Alles’ acronym is Muziek still flopping in the ratings

RTL has been going wrong for three weeks now Everything is music, the first Saturday night show by Miriky Ilsenga. Last week it was decided to shorten the show. Is this paying off? barely.

viewers Everything is music The last two episodes featured over an hour of footage, as celebrities make music using everyday objects. But with 569,000 viewers and then only 269,000 viewers, many of whom complained about the length, RTL had to step in. Then shorten it. Yesterday was the shortcut for the first time Everything is music which lasted nearly three-quarters of an hour. to hand in Everything is music With 365,000 viewers, a small uptick compared to last week, but for primetime Saturday night on RTL, these are of course still terrible numbers. Can Marieki’s show be saved? A viewer suggests making another attempt with unknown Dutch people. Other viewers complain that RTL has cut short the programme.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, they have little impression of it Everything is music:

Sort your thoughts and decide

What RTL achieves is success Sort your thoughts and decide. Although the show featuring celebrities disguised as drag queens scored slightly lower than previous episodes: 881,000 viewers watched. Which drag queen qualifies for the finals.

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Even here

It received 703,000 viewers on Saturday Freeks Saturday Night Safari NPO again peak disappointment. happy Even here Again in full swing, this time it was watched by 1,733,000 viewers. It rains every week. Courtesy of Niels van der Laan and Jeroen Woe.

Marble mania

SBS6 currently has it everything on Saturday evenings. That drew 606,000 viewers yesterday. From the cannon seen it Marble mania Once upon a time, there was little left: 581,000 viewers turned out to watch the marble show this time around.

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