Alonso is not at the top yet: “a lot of room for improvement”

The Bahrain Grand Prix was Alonso’s first appearance in Formula One since the end of the season in Abu Dhabi in 2018. At that time, he was still driving a McLaren, but this year he entered a third term at Renault, which was this year under the name Alps Races. Anyone who thought Alonso would look rusty at first at the Bahrain International Circuit after a two-year absence was disappointed. In the qualifiers, he surprised the Spaniard with a good spot in the top ten, after which he competed for the final point of the race. Ultimately, Alonso noticed a failure after a sandwich bag ended up in one of the brake ducts on the A521.

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despite of Alonso He came to the fore in Bahrain, and he himself believed that there were still a large number of points for improvement. “It was good. I had some good fights. Some had a happy ending, others not because we had just passed. But I have to get off more speed, find more confidence and get more out of the car and the brakes.” “I also should do the start better. Not bad, but there is a lot of room for improvement on my part. The guys did a great job at the pit stop, but my position on the second leg wasn’t good. These are little things and mistakes I kept making in the test and first race.” But I hope I can do better in the second and third races myself. “

Because fellow Esteban Ocon Outside of the points, the inaugural race of 2021 could be seen as a disappointing race for Albin. Whether it is a realistic reflection of the team’s position, Alonso does not know yet a single race. “It’s hard to say. I think we’ve seen different results and everyone has mixed feelings, including ours. Sometimes we look better, sometimes we lag a bit. We need some races to get a clearer picture, so let’s wait and see. Our job is to work hard. It is going to be a fun season for everyone. “

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