Also Formula 1 sprint races in Belgium and the United States

Formula 1 previously decided to double the number of sprint races from three to six. According to the royal class organization, the format has proven to be a successful addition. “We’ve had very positive feedback on the sprint events and are keen to offer fans even more excitement next year,” said Stefano Domenicali, Formula 1 boss.

Sprint races are held on circuits that, according to research by Formula 1, are best suited for this. This mainly concerns overtaking capabilities, driving closely behind each other and reaching high speeds. The circuit in Zandvoort is not one of them.

Sprint races are always held on Saturday in a race weekend and the result determines the starting order for the main race on Sunday. The best 8 points in the World Championships. The Formula 1 calendar will have at least 23 races next year.

World champion Max Verstappen has asserted himself as a critical viewer of sprint racing this year. “I’m not a fan of it, I feel like we’re not really racing,” he said in Brazil, where the third sprint was being held. “You really get some points, but you also know you can’t put in all the effort because after a day it really counts. You see some overtaking. I don’t enjoy it.”

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