Alvins ‘Tesla Bot’ praised by scientists and House of Representatives: ‘Fun’ | two thousand

The vessel, CCT Container Port Terminal (Alpherium), is being called an ‘interesting example’ when it comes to measures that make inland shipping more sustainable.

And no less than he says so. Alphenaar has been praised in the ‘Fact Sheet’, which is the result of collaboration between the House of Representatives, the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), an umbrella organization of fourteen UNL (Universities of the Netherlands) and the Youth Academy It is a platform for researchers. Furthermore, the research agency TNO also contributed, as did interest groups from Inland Shipping.

The 90-meter “Tesla Ship” transports Heineken bottles of Alvin to Moerdec in North Brabant. He’s been working on electricity for about four years. But until last year, it was powered by a diesel generator. Now it works on interchangeable power enclosures. These are containers filled with batteries, fully charged with green electricity. Containers are loaded into CCT. When De Alphenaar leaves, fully loaded containers are prepared and empty containers are loaded again.

These containers are also known as ZES packages, in reference to the company Zero Emission Services (ZES). This company was founded last year by a group of companies. In April this year, a subsidy of 50 million euros was awarded, which will be used for more battery containers and docking stations.

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