Amazon CEO ‘supports raising taxes for companies’

Bezos reports this A statement On the Amazon site. US President Joe Biden left last week Amazon is still there Example of large companies avoiding taxes.

Bezos, the world’s richest man, says he supports the major investments Biden wants to make in US infrastructure. The White House wants to pay more than $ 2 trillion in this tax increase.

“Democrats and Republicans have supported infrastructure in the past. We recognize the need for concessions on both sides of this investment and the manner in which it is paid (we support corporate tax increases),” Bezos wrote.

Holes in the frame

Biden complained in a speech last week about Amazon’s tax ethics. The company, which made more than $ 21 billion in profits last year, did not pay federal taxes due to various loopholes in the United States, according to the president.

Against tax evasion, the US government also recommends an international minimum tax rate on corporate profits. This will make it less attractive for companies to place their profits on letterboxes to taxpayers.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen announced on Monday that she was negotiating an agreement with other G20 countries. His French envoy Bruno Le Myre welcomed the initiative and told the AFP news agency that the international agreement on taxation was “achievable”.

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