Amazon CTO: Startup season in space begins يبدأ

The season for startup tech companies working in and across space has begun. “A new generation of astronauts is ready to start their work with cloud technology,” said Werner Vogels, Amazon’s chief technology officer.

The Dutchman, who works in the technical upper part of Amazon, announced yesterday the ten companies that will be part of Amazon in the coming months. space accelerator. Teams can participate in the mentoring program. As a prize, they get a budget of up to one hundred thousand dollars to spend on AWS. In addition, they are imbued with cloud knowledge related to them.

There were 190 participants from 44 countries. The winners are from the United States and Europe. In general, their activities fall into one of three groups. Namely: building autonomous space robots, which help detect space debris and process data and insights from space.

The space is seen as the next area not yet explored by trade. So far, mainly governments and research institutions have moved here. Birds on Newly Opened Roads: “Think about how the advent of small satellites causes huge, detailed data streams to happen 24/7. They provide information about our planet regardless of the weather. Whatever you do with it, the data release is high. Quality paves the way for a better understanding of our planet.”

Amazon built its AWS cloud service to receive these types of data streams. Direct links were created with satellite companies, special applications were developed for them and people were assigned to them. In essence, aerospace startups are not much different from terrestrial companies. They only get their data from another source that is somewhat difficult to access.

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The ten companies, some of which have already passed the incorporation stage, are: cognitive spaceAnd the extend orbit (He. She), Descartes laboratoriesAnd the EdgybeesAnd the hook 360And the lyolabesAnd the lunar focusAnd the orbital sidekickAnd the VU . satellite And the Dutch Ursa space (from Delft).

After completing this acceleration program, a next round will follow.

The outgoing Amazon CEO and founder will be launched into space next month by his rocket maker Blue Origin. Last night the auction for the last vacant seat ended.

picture: NASA (Copy)

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