Amazon increases focus on the Netherlands with launch of Fire TV media players

Amazon media players run on self-developed software with apps for services like Netflix, the Internet, and Spotify. The program displays advertisements abroad. Amazon has a special program for this. employment This page Interested advertisers can learn more about advertising opportunities on Fire TV Sticks.

For example, an advertising window is shown to users among frequently used applications, but it can also be presented with a full-screen advertisement. The last form of advertising is intended exclusively for entertainment parties, who can, for example, draw attention to their new movie or series.

It is currently not clear if Amazon media players in the Netherlands also directly display ads, and if so, in what way(s). flattery Ask this question on Amazon.

Amazon allows ads in its programs to monetize users of its media players in the long run. Competing brands also use commercials in their Smart TV programmes. For example, Google is investing heavily in its Google TV program, which is showing more and more ads. Not all users are happy with that.

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