Amazon Prime Video added 3 series this week

As for the pictures, it was very exciting on Amazon Prime Video because only 3 new series appeared.

More than 20 new movies have appeared on Amazon Prime Video. Some TV series make this a little easier this week. Still, some new titles appeared on the streaming service. We will list them for you today.

Below is the complete overview. We begin the series with a new episode, followed by a series with new seasons.

American gods (S03E07): In Lakeside, Shadow learns the amazing truth behind the serial crimes. Makes a shocking discovery on Wednesday with dire consequences. Laura and Saleem negotiate with their opponent, while Bilkis walks on his new path.

TRECX (Season 1): Trex A ridiculous satirical comedy series with a new, modern look. The whole is a mix of small group scenes and lively, cinematic skits – sometimes performed as a series of sequels with sitcom elements.

LOL: Australia (Season 1): Hosted by Rebel Wilson, ten of Australia’s best comedians fight over who keeps their face straight when trying to make others laugh. The laughing comedians are taken out one by one as long as one comedian is left. There is a risk of $ 100,000. Who was the last to laugh?

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