Amazon Prime Video added a few of the best series this week

It was another great week for Amazon Prime Video Streaming Service.

Three new series have appeared on Amazon Prime Video. Additionally, we received new episodes of the regular series added to the show. We list new titles for you and start with one of the best series of the past years!
mad Men

In this series we follow on Seven seasons One of the most famous advertising agencies in New York City, early 1960s. We follow the most mysterious, but also the most talented of them: Don Draper.

And the rarest

The BBC series followed the entire time Four seasons Detective Kurt Wallander. Not only does he struggle with his demons, he is also trying to solve a series of strange murders in southern Sweden.


This supernatural comedy starring Nick Frost and Simon Page. We follow a group of part-time paranormal detectives who collectively document ghosts in the UK. They also visit abandoned installations and previously unexplored bunkers from WWII. But as they gain more of these experiences, they also discover a terrifying plot.

The Walking Dead: A World Beyond

In the loop Crazy across the water The group gathers to cross the Mississippi River. But something went wrong with the plan to bring the teens home.

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