America warns Russia of the “consequences” of Navalny’s death | abroad

The Russians have told us that what happens to Navalny in their custody is their responsibility. The international community will hold them accountable. ”Sullivan declined to specify what actions the United States would take in the event of Navalny’s death.

Navalny, 44, began his hunger strike more than two weeks ago and his health is said to be rapidly deteriorating. His kidneys could fail, and he runs the risk of heart attack and deteriorating eyesight. By refusing to eat, Navalny objects to the lack of medical care for his back pain and numbness in his legs and hands.

Medical assistance

Internationally, the treatment of the critical opposition leader in the criminal camp is of great concern. On Monday, European Union foreign ministers will discuss his status. The European Union has already issued a statement on Sunday. In it, member states are calling on Moscow to provide Navalny with immediate medical assistance from doctors he trusts.

The European Union also says it will hold the Russian government responsible if anything happens to Navalny. The union believes that the opposition leader should be released immediately because there is no reason to arrest him, which the statement says is “politically motivated.” “The Navalny case is not an isolated incident, but it confirms a negative pattern in which there is little room for opposition, civil society and independent voices in the Russian Federation,” the EU statement said.


The Russian ambassador in London, Andrei Killin, contradicts Russia’s desire to let Navalny die in prison. He told BBC interviewer Andrew Marr: “No, of course we won’t let him die. But he’s acting like a rioter by breaking all the rules that were agreed. He does it to attract attention. If he’s behaving normally, he has a chance to release him early.” Killin did not want to explain what he meant by “normal behavior”, instead saying that he is leaving that to the Russian legal system.

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