American (81) Six days in a car under the snow, he survived on biscuits and croissants

The man, Jerry Gouret, was on his way home to Nevada from California. He started his hour-long journey when severe winter weather overtook him. A blizzard caused him to stumble.

On February 24th, we last heard of Jorit. His family began to worry when he did not return home and due to the harsh winter weather.

Cookies and snow

But Jorit himself did not panic. his grandson Christian tells us to the BBC How his grandfather kept himself alive by eating biscuits and some leftover croissants. When he felt thirsty, he lowered his window to harvest snow.

Juri turned the heating on in his car when he caught a cold, then turned it off again. In this way he managed to survive for three and a half days. But then the engine cut out just as the car window was partially out. Then he tried to warm himself with a blanket and a towel that was in the car.

US police said the man was found by a telephone signal that could be linked to him.

An earlier rescue on February 28 was canceled due to weather conditions. On March 2, the helicopters managed to find Jorit’s car. “There we saw a man waving at us from the car window,” the police said.

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